Redbull Formula 1 'ONEderland' party

For the 'ONEderland' party held at Silverstone race track, I was brought on board as an event designer by Push UK. Our concept was to take the 1,400 guests on a surreal journey playing with scale and the senses to turn Christmas on its head and give the evening a true Red Bull twist.

The guest's journey starts at the end of a long, wide red carpet that shrinks until it reaches an 'Alice in Wonderland' style miniature entrance manned with dwarf security guards. Once guest's have squeezed their way through the small doorway they then entered a winding silver faceted tunnel, where flashing lights and sounds helped to disorientate and build anticipation before they emerged into the main space.

Flooded by bright lights, guests exited the tunnel onto the main stage and then descended into an illuminated weird winter wonderland . Once accustomed to thir new environment, they could take in the larger-than-life, snow covered forest, which revealed food stalls and bars, a cosy lumberjack lodge and an Après-ski bar equipped with rodeo reindeer and a Christmas photo booth.

Throughout the evening guests were invited to interact with customised fairground rides/games, such as a 'christmas pudding' shy featuring photos of rival F1 team members and were also entertained by an eclectic mix of roaming performers. There was an impromptu FMX motocross show by the Red Bull X-Fighters out on the track followed by a surprise performance by Jamiroquai and full band.

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