Lula magazine Dinner & Pop Up shop

Assisted Fiona Leahy with the design and production of Lula Magazine's 5th Birthday Dinner Party at Harvey Nichols restaurant, this also co-incided with the creation of a Pop Up Shop on the 4th Floor.

For the dinner we created a metallic wall of heart shaped balloons, constructed a stage for Coco Sumner (Sting's daughter) to perform and dressed the centre of the mirrored perspex table with white ceramic objets, candles and intricate floral displays.

On the 4th floor Emma Rios illustrated and painted the boards that made up the walls of the temporary pop-up shop. For the interior we had a pink fluorescent sign made, cut out a heart shaped hole for the shelving display and lined the walls with Lula magazine front covers.

We also designed some heart shaped lollipops and origami clothes tags, so that the brand extended into take away items.

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