Glastonbury - Curiosity Shop

Scarlet Winter conceptualised a temporary exhibition as part of Glastonbury Festival's 2010 arts program. As Production Designer I oversaw the set build and development of a twisted 'Cabinet of Curiosities'.

From the antique wardrobe frontage leading to an unhinged fortune teller, to the collections of Zebra heads, broken Mao puppets and a shrine to obsolete Monarchs, audiences were taken down an unpredictable rabbit hole.

The experience of our little 'shop of horrors' was very well received:
'this is the best thing we've seen at the whole Festival'
'what the?!' 'Am I tripping?'
'I don't understand it, but I love it!'
'Well done, so nice to discover such a treasure in amongst the madness of glastonbury'

The shop was open every evening, and as part of the performance we sported peroxide wigs, lab coats and smeared make up. We also performed in complete silence, echoing the style of David Lynch's films.

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