007 Fragrance Launch

In celebration of James Bond's 50th birthday, P&G launched a 007 fragrance for men. INCA productions were asked to create the launch reveal in Altitude London, offering the guests panoramic views across London.

The venue was divided into areas, each of which provided experiential aspects of the fragrance notes for members of the international press attending the event.

Bespoke 007 buzz games were designed to get the guests heart rate going and reflect the ‘danger’ element of the fragrance. Accompanying this was an exhibition of classic James Bond props, which all shared an element of danger and technology in their featured films.

This included the flick-shoe featured in ‘From Russia With Love’, passports and documents from ‘Casino Royal’ and an underwater camera from ‘Thunderball’.

The second part of the guests journey was a molecular food bar flanked with two illuminated walls of beakers and flasks, this area was designed to reflect the ‘fresh’ notes of the fragrance.

Guests were then invited into the dining area, which was decorated with opaque fabric screens with a printed wood panel outline, combining a modern James Bond aesthetic with elements of a classic British interior. The table setting followed a masculine colour palette of silver, white and black with individual menus presented in MI5 style envelopes paired with silver letter openers.

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